The Lightguide range from Philips Hue seems to have a bit of a bug in it. And there is no longer any talk of an “assortment” meanwhile, as we were able to report to you recently. For now, only the Ellipse is available. However, we have now taken a close look at this one for you.

When it comes to lamps and luminaires, we like to rely on Philips Hue devices for daily use, and we have been using a large number of them reliably for several years now. We feel that the higher purchase price has always paid off in the long term. Both the simple integration via the Hue Bridge in Apple Home, the features via the Hue app, and for example the possibility of Adaptive Lighting in Apple Home, among other things, lead us again and again to the Hue lights.

Also, the design and high-quality workmanship probably distinguish the products of the manufacturer. This quality promise now seems to be the stumbling block of the Lightguide range, at least according to the company’s official statement.

Because the already announced Philips Hue Lightguide lamps in the shapes Globe and Triangular could not meet this requirement so far, we have decided to discontinue the production of these lamp shapes for the time being.

Signify – Philips Hue

For this reason, we did not want to miss the opportunity to personally and very closely examine the Hue Lightguide Ellipse available on the market.

As is well known, there is no accounting for taste. We find the special design of the Ellipse, with the eye-catching LED bulb very successful. The E27 lamp with 6.5 watts consumption, 500 lumens, 2000K-6500K and 16 million colors is impeccably finished as you would expect from Philips Hue. The 19 cm glass body with the reflective glass coating does not contain any blemishes and is uniformly finished. The thread is precise and firmly installed, and the LED unit inside also looks solid to us. We have the Philips Hue Ellipse now a few weeks in continuous use and can not find any negative abnormalities in quality or function.

The only noticeable thing for us was that it took us a very long time to find a sensible and, to our taste, appealing presentation of the lamp. Philips Hue itself likes to show the lamp hanging, with the matching cord including socket and also in combination with several Lightguide for a special staging.

It certainly looks fancy, but probably not everyone has an existing power connection on the ceiling directly at the desired location. With such a set, you are also directly at a financial investment of about 450, – EUR. This is probably not something you just do and needs to be well thought out. The Philips Hue Lightguide Ellipse is priced at 99,- EUR. The metal holder with fabric-wrapped cord for ceiling mounting(white / black), also from Philips Hue perfectly matching, you get for 49.99 EUR. Since the black base above the E27 thread of the Hue Lightguide Ellipse has a diameter of 4.3 – 4.7 cm, it does not necessarily fit in any lamp holder.

We have opted for a slightly different variant. Thus, a single Hue Ellipse is used in our home as a modern table lamp and brings its unique design, especially to the fore. We got hold of the matte black E27 base for 14,- EUR via Amazon. For this price unbeatable, as it is excellently finished and visually fits perfectly with the Hue Lightguide Ellipse.

If you’re looking for a modern lamp with an accent, the new Philips Hue Lightguide Ellipse is a good choice. The lamp is certainly an eye-catcher, whether hanging, combined with several lamps or in a simple holder as a table lamp. We are not worried about the durability and quality of the Hue Ellipse. We very much hope that the company will overcome the challenges with the Globe and Triangular models and will be able to put them on sale later this year.