With the Lightguide series, very special lamps were actually supposed to start last fall. As Ellipse, Globe and Triangular, the glass bodies with light tube were even already listed on Amazon. About half a year later, only one model is available.

At the latest since the numerous filament light bulbs, it is no longer necessary to hide them behind a lampshade. The Philips Hue Lightguide series should also be a real eye-catcher. Inside the large glass bodies of different shapes, a light tube can be seen.

However, quality problems occurred shortly before the planned market launch last fall. “Optical irregularities” postponed the market launch until further notice. Since December, at least the model in the form of an ellipse is available.

Now the manufacturer has spoken to our colleagues from HueBlog and does not bode well.

For Signify, the quality of its Philips Hue products has always been paramount and we are very pleased to offer an innovative lamp shape with the new Philips Hue Lightguide lamp in the shape Ellipse. Because the already announced Philips Hue Lightguide lamps in the shapes Globe and Triangular could not meet this requirement so far, we have decided to discontinue the production of these lamp shapes for the time being.

According to this, the quality problems for the Ellipse have been resolved, but the other two models are still not ready for the market. It remains to be seen when Globe and Triangular will finally launch. However, this should not be expected in the short term.