Have you ever thought about an alternative to aroma diffusers for essential oils? We hadn’t, but perhaps Relm’s Smart Scented Wax Warmer will change that in the future.

Especially now, as we approach autumn and winter, we sometimes use essential oils to relax or create a cozy atmosphere. So far, we’ve used humidifiers where we add a few drops to the water tank, like the VOCOlinc Ripple.

Relm takes a different and innovative approach with its “Smart Scented Wax Warmer.” The device is currently featured on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and has already far exceeded the necessary support goal for realization.

Relm comes in a simple and elegant design (≈ 10 × 14 cm) and can be used with the manufacturer’s offered long-lasting and sustainable wax beads or your own. Relm promises easy handling and the easy removal and replacement of residual wax from the dish.

But it wouldn’t be a wax fragrance lamp if it didn’t also have mood lighting built into the device. This is intended to provide additional relaxation and the right ambiance.

We wouldn’t be reporting about Relm if it didn’t also offer smart features. The Relm app allows you to view and adjust timers, lighting, fragrance intensity, and remaining consumption. It also offers aroma profiles that combine photos, music, and fragrance to create a holistic and personalized aromatherapy experience.

Furthermore, Relm teases integration with well-known smart home systems via Matter and Thread, including Apple Home.

We’ll be developing for the highest level of interoperability – Obviously, there is still development to be done, but our top pick would be to embrace newer smart home protocols like Matter and Thread. It’s a win-win because these technologies simplify the development process for us, and provide our customers with a much higher standard for smart home connectivity.

Taylor by Relm

As always, there’s no guarantee of realization with crowdfunding campaigns. Nevertheless, we often find such projects, with a certain degree of trust, very deserving of support.

Are you curious about Relm’s smart wax fragrance lamp? You have the opportunity to support the project and get your piece until November 2nd. Prices start at $75, and delivery is expected by April 2024.


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