We’re looking back on another quiet week, and in addition to all the HomeKit news, we also have something of our own to report.

New devices from Onvis launch in December

Onvis also wants to offer devices with Thread in the future, we reported. Actually, the new contact sensor and wireless switch with five buttons were supposed to launch in November.

However, the manufacturer has informed us that the sales launch will be delayed. While the Onvis CT3 contact sensor is scheduled to launch in mid-December, the Onvis HS2 wireless button won’t make it under the Christmas tree with the end of December.

Multicolor neon light strip from VOCOlinc

VOCOlinc ColorFlux Neon Rope Lights NL2201 first appeared on Amazon in this country. Multicolor neon light strip comes with a length of 3m.

VOCOlinc RGBIC Color Flux Neon Rope Lights

Thanks to IP67 protection class, the light strip can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The 10 holders also allow for a wide variety of shapes. The new device should cost around 70€.

Cheap door lock with keypad from SwitchBot tried out

With the SwitchBot Lock, an inexpensive door lock that can also be integrated into HomeKit via Homebridge has been available for quite some time. But only recently it can also pull in the door trap, which is common in Germany.

Reason enough for us to take a closer look at the castle. We were particularly surprised by the keypad. You can find all the details in this post.

Nanoleaf Lines with right angle

We have always been enthusiastic about the Nanoleaf Lines, after all, the light strips are a real eye-catcher. Until now, however, individual elements could only be connected to each other at an angle of 60°.

For some time now, however, the Nanoleaf Lines have also been available with other connectors, allowing connections at 90° angles. You can find everything you need to know in this article.

Eve Outdoor Cam available in white housing

As of this week, the Eve Outdoor Cam is also available in white in addition to black.

Eve Outdoor Cam in white launches

The surveillance camera works exclusively with HomeKit Secure Video and thus does not store recordings on any manufacturer-owned servers.

SmartApfel in new design

One or the other will have noticed it for sure already: The SmartApfel website has been revised and shines in a new design. In addition, we have adapted some functions and laid the foundation for future innovations.

We know that it is still a bit creaky in one or two places, but we will continue to work on bug fixes and new features in the near future. By the way, a big update for the app is coming soon. You can be curious.

Security concerns at eufy

This week, security researcher Paul Monroe found out that recordings from the eufy Video Doorbell are stored in the cloud even if only local storage is enabled in the settings. In addition, it should be possible to call up live videos without encryption.

New video doorbell from eufy available

eufy rejects these accusations. In addition, it is currently not known whether eufy stores the recordings on its own servers even if the camera is actually only used as a HomeKit Secure Video camera.