If you are looking for a light strip without recognizable LEDs, the VOCOlinc ColorFlux Neon Rope Lights could be the right choice.

With conventional light strips, you can see every single LED, which means that they are usually hidden. The situation is completely different for the light strips, which are hidden in a milky plastic casing. This is already known from the Philips Hue Outdoor Lightstrip or also from the Twinkly Flex.

For indoor and outdoor use

The VOCOlinc ColorFlux Neon Rope Lights NL2201 comes with a length of 3m and can also be installed outdoors thanks to its IP67 protection rating. In addition, a wide variety of shapes can be realized via the ten enclosed holders.

VOCOlinc ColorFlux Neon Rope Lights NL2201

In addition to numerous effects, the built-in microphone allows you to synchronize with the music. The color changes and the light flashes in time with the music.

The new device can be purchased via Amazon.