The LED light strips “Lines” from Nanoleaf, we have already presented to you in the review. Now the manufacturer also offers the popular series as a “Squared” version.

The Nanoleaf Lines are smart, lightweight, 26-centimeter LED light strips that can be plugged together in a completely modular way. Mounting on the wall and ceiling is possible. The individual light strips can thus be connected to each other at 60-degree angles to form different layouts and geometric shapes, and shine onto the wall from the rear. As the name suggests, the new Squared model now offers the option of placing the LED strips at a 90-degree angle.

The difference lies in the plug connection. Nothing has changed in the LED strips themselves compared to the previous lines. The controller and the power supply are also identical. Thus, the new Nanoleaf Lines Squared also benefit from the announced firmware update to version 7.1. which is designed to reduce energy consumption.

18 lines can be operated from a single power supply. If you want to connect more than 18 lines, you need a stronger power supply. Nanoleaf offers an online power supply calculator that gives you the exact number of power supplies needed for your layout. You can link up to 250 lines in a layout and operate them all from a single control unit.

What’s exciting about using the Lines now is the combination of the 60-degree and new 90-degree connectors in one design. Although the manufacturer does not explicitly state this as a possibility anywhere, the interaction of the connectors with the controller firmware and the app seems to work. In our experiment, the Nanoleaf app automatically detected the arrangement of our tangled structure.

As usual, the new Nanoleaf Lines Squared are quickly and easily integrated into your Apple home. With all Nanoleaf lights particularly practical, the animated light scenes from the Nanoleaf app are also made available in HomeKit. Thus, the start of such a light scene is also possible via Siri and automations.

The Nanoleaf Lines Squared Starter Kit with four lines is available directly from the manufacturer’s online store at a price of 99,- EUR. The expansion kit with three lines is available for 59.99 EUR.