Meross, a company with a wide range of HomeKit devices, is also setting itself up in the Matter space, reporting a few weeks ago on its commitment to the category. Now the pre-sale of the first Matter device for the European market starts, the new Meross Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug MSS315.

After Meross announced last year that existing devices would not be able to receive a Matter update, the company is now offering the new 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Plug in a double pack during the pre-sale via its own website. The first 500 orders are available at a 50% discount for the price of $24.99. Afterwards, you can continue with a 30% discount at a price of $34.99. Delivery is then scheduled for early of March 2023. The MSS315 is not only a smart plug, but also a power monitor. You can analyze the power consumption of the connected devices via the Meross app in real time or in a history.

For households that already rely completely on Apple Home and corresponding devices like iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, HomePod and Apple TV, the new Plug is not a revolution. Especially since there are reliable HomeKit variants with the current Meross Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini MSS110HK or the other Plugs from the manufacturer. If you share your home with Amazon Alexa or Google Home users, or if the consumption display via the Meross app is important to you, the new Matter plug may be a suitable option for you.