There was a lot of news and product launches in the HomeKit world again this week. EcoFlow introduced a new Matter smart plug for intelligent energy management, while Swiss technology group ABB acquired Munich-based Eve Systems. Other innovations came from Zemismart, Qingping and Pearl, all of which showcased new smarthome devices. Updates for various apps and devices were also on the agenda.

EcoFlow releases Matter smart plug for intelligent energy management

EcoFlow recently introduced a new smart plug that supports the new Matter smarthome standard. The Smart Plug can control power to devices and integrate with all Matter smart home systems.

EceFlow Smart Plug: MatterPlug with consumption measurement launches

The EcoFlow Smart Plug, in combination with the PowerStream balcony power plant and an EcoFlow portable power station, also performs the task of intelligent energy allocation. By transmitting the current energy consumption, excess energy can be transferred to the power station and stored. This energy can then be used for consumers at night and fed into the household grid.

ABB acquires Eve Systems

Swiss technology group ABB has made a surprise acquisition of Munich-based Eve Systems, an early adopter of HomeKit and Matter. With this acquisition, ABB positions itself as a leading provider of smarthome devices that support Matter and Thread.

Acquisition: ABB buys Eve Systems

ABB plans to work with Eve Systems to accelerate the safe, smart and energy-efficient modernization of homes and buildings.

Controller for HomeKit: Update enables notifications to other users

The 6.2 update of the popular App Controller for HomeKit expands the notification features for HomeKit devices. Users can now not only set up personalized notifications for their own devices, but also send messages to other users. We have published instructions in this post.

Cross-user notifications: Controller for HomeKit releases update

In addition to the new notification feature, the update also adds French language support, so the app is now available in four languages (English, German, Polish and French).

Zemismart releases cheap Matter LED E27 bulb

Zemismart has recently added a low-cost Matter LED E27 bulb to its product portfolio. Integration of the light fixture into the home network is easily done via Wi-Fi using the Matter.

The Zemismart Smart Matter LED E27 Bulb supports 16 million colors as well as a spectrum from warm to cool white (2700 to 6500 Kelvin) and offers 600 lumens with a maximum consumption of 7 watts. The price is particularly attractive: with our community discount code “SMARTAPFEL”, one bulb in a set of two costs only about 10.50 EUR.

Qingping Motion and Light Sensor with Thread now available on Amazon

Qingping’s new motion and light sensor that supports Thread is now available on Amazon for $24.99. The sensor uses a four-element PIR to quickly detect people, with the duration of motion detection adjustable via the Mi-Home app. It also offers a detection range of 7 meters and – thanks to the flexible holder – a detection angle of 15° to 120°.

Qingping motion and light sensor with Thread now listed on Amazon

Furthermore, the sensor also functions as a brightness meter with a measuring range of 0 to 83,000 lux. With two CR2450 button cells included, it should last up to two years with an average of 120 motion detections per day. The sensor can be integrated into Apple Home via Bluetooth or Thread.

Field report: Luminea HomeKit outdoor plug

For improved garden watering, we used the Luminea HomeKit outdoor plug in combination with an irrigation pump and Eve Aqua. Luminea Plug is splash-proof and can measure power consumption.

Luminea outdoor plug: perfect for garden watering

The response time of the Plug in HomeKit is impressively fast and reliable, the Plug is controlled by two automations that start and stop in sync with the Eve Aqua. All in all, the Luminea outdoor plug has proven to be a reliable solution for garden watering.

Grundfos Comfort: circulation pump with Matter

Grundfos is expanding its range of Matter equipment. Following the domestic waterworks, the Grundfos Comfort hot water circulation pump has now also successfully passed the certification process. This pump ensures always warm water from the tap and prevents the growth of unwanted microorganisms.

Grundfos Comfort is designed for one- and two-family houses and could provide a maximum flow of 0.5m³ per hour at a maximum head of one meter. However, neither the release date nor the price of the new Matter are currently known.

Apple TV: tvOS 17 brings sleep timer to the control center

The upcoming tvOS 17 update for Apple TV introduces a long-awaited sleep timer. Users who like to fall asleep with the TV on will soon be able to set an automatic off time via the Control Center.

Finally: tvOS 17 brings sleep timer to Apple TV

The sleep timer, which offers times of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours, is activated by long pressing the TV/Control Center button. Before this innovation, this required either the TV’s remote control, automation, or voice input via Siri. The release of tvOS 17 is planned for the fall.

HomeDevices 3.0: Largest HomeKit overview with improved features

The updated version 3.0 of HomeDevices, the world’s largest HomeKit database, offers improved performance, simplified navigation and additional filtering options.

HomeDevices 3.0 released: Improved performance, new navigation and more filters

The app now offers more than just a device overview and serves as a central point of contact for Apple Home and Matter. HomeDevices 3.0 is available for free in the App Store.

Pearl offers new 7Links Tuya Zigbee gateway for HomeKit

Pearl has added a new 7Links Tuya Zigbee gateway to its lineup, enabling integration of numerous devices with Apple Home. The USB-powered gateway allows up to 100 devices to be paired, including motion detectors, contact sensors and radiator thermostats.

HomeKit gateway from Pearl launches

The Tuya Hub costs 63,99€. Lidl also offers a Tuya Hub with HomeKit integration for as little as €24.99.

New firmware for IKEA DIRIGERA fixes HomeKit issues

IKEA has released an update for Dirigera Hub that fixes known issues with device visibility in HomeKit. The new firmware version 2.313.4 should ensure that all devices connected to the hub appear correctly in Apple’s Smarthome system.


IKEA’s Dirigera Hub, available for 59.99 euros, serves as the connecting element between Apple Home and IKEA’s in-house Smarthome devices.

Outdoor case for Eve Door & Window

Fellow blogger Matthias Petrat offers a new outdoor case for the Eve Door & Window in his store.

Outdoor housing for Eve Door & Window

The weatherproof case consists of two parts that can be screwed or glued on and provide secure protection against wind and weather. The contact sensor can be removed from the case at any time for easy battery replacement.

Meross water detector available on Amazon

The HomeKit-compatible MS400HHK water detector from Meross is now available on Amazon. The device alerts users in case of water leakage via an integrated 60 dB siren. The water detector can also be integrated into Apple Home via the Meross Hub.

Meross MS400H water detector

The water detector has been available in the manufacturer’s own online store for about a year now, and we took a closer look at the device at the start. Despite introductory offer on Amazon, you can save more at Meross online store with our community discount code “SmartApfel”.