The world’s largest and most comprehensive HomeKit overview has been released in version 3.0. The update brings significantly improved performance, enables faster navigation and introduces more filters.

HomeDevices launched with the goal of showing the features available in HomeKit even before you buy devices. 2 / 2 In the meantime, HomeDevices has evolved beyond being merely a database for Apple Home devices; it has transformed into the pivotal resource for all matters concerning Apple Home and the emerging smart home standard Matter.

HomeDevices 3.0

The now released update to version 3.0 lets you find devices even faster. The startup time has been significantly reduced, the search optimized and the navigation simplified.

From now on, you will find a tab bar at the very bottom, which you can use to access all accessories quickly to search for devices, set filters or simply browse a bit. You will also find the new news section there.

Overall, the update offers a significantly improved user experience and lays the foundation for future improvements. You can download HomeDevices for free from the App Store.