Controller for HomeKit has just been updated to version 6.4 and users can now benefit from a significantly simplified process for creating new automations. In addition, this year’s Black Friday offer is already active.

If you want to take your HomeKit automations to the next level, it is recommended to use a third-party HomeKit app in addition to the Apple Home app. Controller for HomeKit offers a more extensive selection of triggers and conditions, along with numerous other useful features.

Creating automations, especially for beginners, has not always been easy. With the recently released update to version 6.4, that has changed.

Selection of the most common triggers

Users no longer need to first decide on a trigger type and give it a name; instead, they can directly choose from a list of available triggers. Popular triggers such as “Motion Detected” or “Switch Pressed” are readily usable. After selecting a trigger, the device list is automatically filtered in advance to quickly find the appropriate device.

Controller for HomeKit Triggers

If you press and hold a scene for a long time, you also have the option to create an automation directly from that scene. In this case as well, you will be guided through the redesigned trigger selection, making automation creation quick and easy.

Black Friday: 66% Off

Controller for HomeKit has already kicked off Black Friday and is offering the Pro version for only €9.99 in the first year, representing a 66% savings compared to the regular price. The offer can be redeemed through this link.