Grundfos has recognized the benefits of the new Matter smart home standard and is currently busy certifying devices. In addition to the domestic waterworks, a hot water circulating pump has now also successfully completed the certification process.

If hot water is always to come out of the tap, a circulation pump is needed. This ensures that the water in the pipe does not cool down. In addition, such a pump prevents the growth of undesirable microorganisms.

Circulation pump for Apple Home

In the HomeKit universe, there is currently no pump that can be integrated into Apple’s Smarthome platform. Thanks to Matter, however, that will change in the future. Grundfos has had the Grundfos Comfort certified for single- and two-family homes.

Grundfos Comfort with Matter

Should the new Matter model not differ from the previous technical specifications, the hot water circulation pump will manage a maximum flow rate of 0.5m³ per hour with a maximum head of one metre. With a temperature between 0 and 95°C, an operating pressure of 10 bar must not be exceeded.

It is not yet known when Grundfos will release the Grundfos Comfort hot water circulator pump. There is also no information about the price yet.