About a year ago, we could already report that Qingping, known for its temperature and humidity sensor with e-ink display as well as the QingPing Air Monitor Lite with OLED display, is planning a new Thread motion and light sensor. In the meantime, the device is listed on Amazon.

Motion and ambient light detection

The new sensor uses a built-in four-element PIR to quickly detect people. The duration of motion detection can be set between 5 seconds and minutes via the Qingping+ app.

Qingping motion and light sensor

The detection range of the sensor is 7 meters and thanks to the flexible holder, the detection angle is adjustable from 15° (7m) to 120° (within 2m).

In addition, the sensor also serves as a light sensor. The measuring range extends from 0 to 83,000 lux with a sensitivity of 2 lux.

Long battery life

The sensor is powered by two included CR2450 coin cells, which are expected to last up to two years with an average of 120 motion detections per day.

The device can be integrated into Apple Home via Bluetooth or Thread. The Qingping Motion & Ambient Light Sensor is listed on Amazon, but not yet available. As soon as this changes, we will let you know.