Notifications can be very useful in a smarthome. Whether the water sensor has detected a leak, the window has been open for 30 minutes, or motion has been detected even though no one is home. However, Apple itself only offers very rudimentary options. The popular app Controller for HomeKit offers significantly more options. With the now released update to version 6.2, notifications can no longer only be sent to the own devices, but also to other users.

In Apple’s Home app, notifications can be enabled for some HomeKit devices in the settings. In the case of a motion detector, for example, a notification is sent whenever there is a change of state. Filtering can only be done by time and persons present. Why Apple does not allow customisable messages in automations is incomprehensible.

Messages in Apple Home

Controller for HomeKit remedies this and offers some clever features since version 6.0. Notifications can be sent immediately, delayed, at a specific time, or only after a counter is reached.

After creating a notification, you get a URL for it, which in turn can be used in HomeKit automations that have been converted to a shortcut. In case of delayed notifications, another URL can be used to cancel the notification. For a counter, one URL can be used to increment the counter and a second URL can be used to reset the counter.

For example, you can be notified when a window has been open too long or the candy drawer has been opened for the third time in one day.

Send notifications to other users

With version 6.2, you can now connect with other users and send notifications to their devices as well. This means that notifications no longer have to be created by each user themselves.

The connection is very simple and fast via a QR code or link that can be easily shared. Subsequently, not only the user’s own devices are available for selection in notifications, but also the devices of the connected persons.

French language support

In addition to sharing notifications, Controller for HomeKit now supports French language. This means that the app is available in four languages – German, English, Polish and French.

Controller for HomeKit can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Some features require either a one-time purchase or a subscription.