It announced itself a few weeks ago, the very special Yeelight Cube table lamp with Matter. Now it is (almost) here. The brand new Yeelight Cube Smart Lamp is now available for pre-order on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. According to Yeelight, delivery will start as early as April.

Yeelight Spotlight Cube, Panel Cube and Matrix Cube together represent a modular desktop ARGB table lamp. The magnetic design allows free assembly without additional connectors or brackets. You’ll love the flexibility.

We’ve already been using the exciting new light with Matter, and even as non-gamers, we’ve fallen under the hypnotic spell of the light animations.


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The Cube system consists of a base to which up to six light modules can be magnetically attached in any order. The workmanship of the individual components is impeccable. The matte black plastic case in monolith design looks high-quality. The size of a cube is 75 × 75 × 75 mm. The size of the base is 75 × 75 × 19.6 mm. The weight for a single cube is about 250 g.

Each of the LED light dots excellently represents the color selection. Even in daylight, the ambient lighting looks powerful. And also the Spot Cube shines brightly up to the ceiling or wall.

Thanks to Matter over Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz), the base is added in a few seconds via the Yeelight Station app and the controls respond promptly.

If you’re a gamer, the Station app is also available as a PC download, allowing you to use the Yeelight Cube for PC screen & game sync, as well as integration with Razer Chroma RGB.

The iOS Yeelight Station app lets you creatively design your Cube light setup. With predefined animated modes that can also be customized in color, direction and speed. With the Pixel Graffiti feature, you can choose from a variety of icons and colors, paint, erase, and even add animation with a tap of your finger to bring your cubes to life. In addition, with just one tap, you have the option of switching to dynamic clock mode or bathing the entire Cube light in a uniform, colored light.

To control the Yeelight Cube via your Apple Home, or Google Home app, you put the Cube into Matter. The process is started through the Yeelight Station app and generates a temporary setup code that is used to add it to the Home app.

Via “Add device” in the Home app, the available Matter device is already displayed. As usual, enter the code there and the lamp is ready for control and automations in HomeKit. However, you should not expect too much here. The Yeelight Cube lamp can only be turned on/off, dimmed and overall bathed in colored light in the Home app. If you have previously set the lamp to an animated mode in the Yeelight Station app and turn it on via the Home app, it will also start in this mode and you can dim it. However, if you change the color, the mode is lost and you have to go back into the Yeelight app to start it again. Unfortunately, the animated mode is also not saved in a scene, as we know it as a possibility from Nanoleaf, for example.

Via the Indiegogo campaign page, Yeelight offers various combinations as benefit packages. The Super Early Bird starter package consists of the base, the power supply and a cube. The price for pre-orders is 114 USD. A single expansion cube costs from 28 USD. Especially when choosing a more extensive combination, Yeelight offers corresponding discounts.

Orders are to be shipped from local warehouses no later than April 17. You probably don’t have to worry about Yeelight fulfilling its crowdfunding campaign. We have already received a reliable, high-quality and fully functional device with our pre-release model, which is quite fun to use.

Whether you’re a gamer or not, you can get excited about the Yeelight Cube Smart Lamp. Of course, the possibilities of animated lighting effects are in the foreground. But even with subtle color transitions, or immersed in monochrome light, the Yeelight Cube lamp in monolith design is an eye-catcher. If you are interested, the Indiegogo campaign is your place to go.