The Chinese company Neo has had two new Matter-certified devices. In the future, there will be a contact sensor and a motion detector that can be operated using both batteries and USB.

The number of smart home devices supporting the Matter smart home standard is increasing daily. Now, two new devices from Neo, a Chinese company, have been added, which already offers a Matter-compatible power outlet.

Both the contact sensor and the motion detector use Thread for communication. This protocol is known for its high energy efficiency and ensures a particularly reliable connection through a mesh network that also offers extensive coverage.

Previous models use Micro-USB

What sets the new sensors apart is their power source. Users can choose between battery operation and permanent USB power.

Previous Zigbee models from the manufacturer come with a Micro-USB port. Currently, we cannot confirm whether the Matter devices will ultimately use Micro-USB or possibly switch to USB-C.

We will keep you updated. In HomeDevices, you can find the current selection of HomeKit motion detectors, which you can also easily filter for Matter-compatible devices.