Before we get to this week’s weekly review, the SmartApfel Team wishes you a Happy Easter. This week Eve Systems released new devices with Matter Firmware, including the Eve Motion. IKEA is offering the KADRILJ roller blind on sale and there are updates on products from Philips Hue, Kasa and Onvis. In addition, numerous devices have gone through the Matter certification process.

New Eve Motion with Matter can be pre-ordered

Eve Systems launches new smarthome devices with Matter Firmware pre-installed. This should make it possible to control the devices not only via Apple HomeKit, but also to integrate them into other smarthome systems.

New Eve Motion with Matter can be pre-ordered

While the Eve Energy is already available, the Eve Door & Window, and as of this week, the Eve Motion can be pre-ordered. Delivery is scheduled to begin April 17.

Philips Hue Lightguide Globe for half price

Although the market launch of the Philips Hue Lightguide Globe has been postponed indefinitely, an online store is still offering some lamps at half price.

Philips Hue Lightguide

The Lightguide series impresses with a light tube in the glass body, which can shine in all colors. Although the lamps have been postponed due to quality problems, you can take the risk with the offer for 49.90€ and return the lamp if necessary.

Meross MS200H HomeKit contact sensor: The slightly different way

Meross offers a contact sensor connected via 433 MHz radio link and the Meross HomeKit Wi-Fi Hub. The sensor is small, has a high-quality finish and delivers reliable results. The sensor is available in the Meross store for 14.89 EUR (incl. 10% discount) or 19.03 EUR (incl. 10% discount) as starter set with hub.

We took a look at the sensor for you and give you our assessment in the current review.

HomeKit blind from IKEA on sale

IKEA’s translucent roller blind, which can be retrofitted anywhere thanks to its rechargeable battery and integrates seamlessly with Apple HomeKit, will either be discontinued or receive a successor.

In the field of smarthome technology, IKEA has launched some interesting products in recent years, including the IKEA KADRILJ roller blind. However, the product now seems to be entering the final phase of its life cycle, as the furniture giant now lists it with the words "Last chance! Only available for a short time." in its own online store.

The IKEA KADRILJ roller blind, unlike the IKEA FYRTUR, is translucent. The roller blind from IKEA is not only comparatively cheap, but thanks to the battery can be retrofitted anywhere. In combination with an IKEA Hub, the blinds can also be seamlessly integrated into Apple HomeKit and conveniently controlled via iPhone or iPad, as well as used in scenes and automations.

What actually sounds like a successful product, should in the future either get a successor or be removed from the program. Both sizes in 120x195cm and 140x195cm are marked with the words "Last chance! Only available for a short time." marked.

There is also already an exchange about this in our community. User Titanicberlin has made enquiries in Berlin Spandau. According to the report, sales figures are said to be too low and in the spring of 2024, the IKEA FYRTUR roller blind is also to be withdrawn from the program. We have also made a request to IKEA and are currently still waiting for a response.

The furniture giant already lists the product with the words “Last chance! Only available for a short time.” in the online store.

New Matter Certifications at a glance

Over the past two weeks, numerous devices have gone through the Matter certification process. These include new software versions for products from Eve Systems and new devices from WiZ. OEM manufacturers such as Tuya and Uascent have also had new products certified.

Matter Certifications: Eve Systems, Tuya, WiZ and more

As usual, we have listed the newly certified devices and software versions once again in this article.

Aqara G4 video doorbell available again on Amazon

The popular Aqara G4 video doorbell, which quickly sold out shortly after its release, is now available again on Amazon.

Aqara’s HomeKit Doorbell is an affordable and easy-to-install video doorbell with HomeKit Secure Video support that can be powered by batteries or hardwired.

New firmware for Onvis CT3 released

Onvis has released an important firmware update for the CT3 contact sensor with HomeKit and Thread. The update improves the battery indicator and low-power performance and integrates the history about state changes.

Users can now track the sensor’s history, and the improved battery indicator should prevent unreliable battery level readings. Before installing the update, the app must be updated to version 4.0.2. The Onvis CT3 contact sensor is available individually for 28.79€ or in a double pack for 44.99€.

Philips Hue brings update with new light scenes

The update of the Philips Hue app to version 4.39 released this week doesn’t bring any real new features, just ten new light scenes that reflect the changing seasons. A new standard scene, “Cool Bright”, has also been added.

In parallel with the app update, the Hue Bridge is updated to version 1.57.1957113050, but without more information about what exactly has been improved. The manufacturer only states that the performance and reliability of the system have been improved.

Kasa Smart Plug Mini with Matter compatibility released

Kasa has released a new version of its Wi-Fi Smart Plug, our friends at HomeKitNews report. The KP125M is compatible with the new Matter smarthome standard. This plug can now be added to different platforms without a Kasa account and control is completely local.

Available in the U.S. as a 2-pack for $39.99 or a 4-pack for $69.99, the KP125M offers 15A/1800W and power supply monitoring via the Kasa app.