The manufacturer Meross has been scoring points for many years with its constantly growing and wide range of HomeKit-compatible devices. In most cases, these devices are integrated directly into the home network via Wi-Fi. However, Meross relies on a 433MHz radio connection for some sensors, which additionally require the use of the Meross Hub.

The small box measures only 5.9 × 4.1 × 2.1 centimeters, which is about the same size as the case of the AirPods Pro. A micro-USB input is sufficient for the hub’s power connection. The cable and a power adapter are included in the scope of delivery. The hub is connected via the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. The devices connected to the hub then talk to each other at 433 MHz. Up to 16 Meross sensors can be coupled with the hub.

While using the 433 MHz radio link can be an advantage in range, in our test up to about 25 meters, in times of Thread this benefit on it own feels a bit obsolete. Meross uses the combination of the Meross HomeKit Hub with three sensors. The water leak sensor, the smoke detector and now with the newly available door-window contact sensor. A radiator thermostat can also be connected in this way.

The sensor itself measures 5.6 × 3.1 × 1.4 centimeters and is powered by a CR2450 coin cell, which is said to supply the sensor with power for up to 18 months. The workmanship of the sensor looks high-quality and is kept in matte white. An adhesive pad for the sensor and the contact is also included in the packaging.

If you already have a Meross HomeKit Hub in use, the hub and sensor can be put into pairing mode and the sensor added to the home in just a few simple steps. The sensor is then also immediately and automatically displayed in HomeKit. For the initial setup of a Meross Hub, the Meross app is a good choice in order to receive firmware updates of the devices at a later date.

In the Home app, the sensor responds promptly and reliably, but otherwise does not offer any other functions besides displaying the open and closed status. The sensor does not provide a battery level display via HomeKit. For this purpose, the Meross app must be used. Further notification functions and a history are also available there.

In the Apple Home app, the sensor can be used for automations and queries in the same way as other contact sensors. By the way, in our HomeDevices app you can also find all the functions that a HomeKit or Matter device offers you, even before you have bought it.

Home App (left) | HomeDevices App (right)

If you already have a Meross HomeKit Hub in use, the new door and window contact sensor can certainly be an option for you. The sensor is available with our 10% community discount code “SMARTAPFEL” directly in the Meross store fora price of 14.89 EUR. Do you decide for a Starter set incl. Hub, it is 19,03 EUR. By the way, the 10% discount also applies to all other products in the Meross store.