In the last two weeks, numerous devices have again gone through the Matter certification process. Among other things, new software versions for products from Eve Systems and new devices from WiZ were successfully certified. OEM manufacturers such as Tuya and Uascent have also had new products certified.

Eve Systems has successfully received certification for new software versions for three of its products. Version 3.2 was released this week for the Eve Door & Window, Eve Motion and Eve Energy.

Signify’s subsidiary, WiZ, has also had numerous lamps certified. Originally, the company had planned to release updates for existing devices already at the end of last year.

Furthermore, products from OEM manufacturers such as Tuya and Uascent have gone through the certification process. The accessories can be purchased from other companies and sold under their brand.

As always, it is up to the manufacturers when firmware updates are released and devices are put on the market. Here is the list of devices certified in the last two weeks.

Contact Sensor

Dimmable Light

Extended Color Light

Light Sensor

Occupancy Sensor

On/Off Plug In Unit