The fact that Eve Systems wants to offer new models with pre-installed Matter Firmware in the future, in addition to the migration for existing devices, is nothing new. While the Eve Energy is available, the Eve Door & Window can already be pre-ordered. Meanwhile, the new Eve Motion is also listed and available for pre-order.

The new Matter smarthome standard is designed to enable compatibility with all major smarthome platforms. This means that the previously HomeKit-exclusive devices from Eve Systems can also be used via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and other smarthome systems.

Device generations from the manufacturer that rely on Thread should be able to be migrated in the future. In the process, the device is given a new identity in the background and the previous HomeKit code, which can also be found on the devices, is replaced by a digital Matter code.

New models become more expensive

If you do not want to perform the migration yourself, but want a device with Matter out-of-the-box, you have to reach for the new generations of devices. These have the corresponding firmware pre-installed and come with new packaging and Matter code.

However, the manufacturer has also increased the prices in the course of this. Instead of €39.95 so far, the Eve Door & Window and the Eve Motion will cost €49.95 in the future. Therefore, should you have some time to do the migration yourself or rely exclusively on Apple HomeKit, we recommend reaching for the HomeKit models of the contact sensor and motion detector. The new models are scheduled to begin shipping on April 17. Then Eve Systems will also release the migration without access to the Early Access Program for previous devices.