With the Aqara Video Doorbell G4, an exciting video doorbell with HomeKit and, in the future, Matter is now available. Unlike the HomeKit doorbells available so far, Aqara’s device can be powered by batteries in addition to being hardwired.

Are you looking for an affordable and easy-to-install video doorbell that also supports HomeKit Secure Video, you should check out the new Aqara Video Doorbell G4. Because in addition to the fixed wiring with a voltage of 12-24V AC or 8-24V DC, the bell can also be powered by six AA batteries. The receiver with personalizable chime is simply powered via USB-C.

In addition to facial recognition and saving recordings to iCloud via HomeKit Secure Video, the doorbell also has its own local facial recognition and allows recordings to be saved to a microSD card of up to 512GB, which can be inserted into the door chime.

At night the bell can be deactivated

If you have small children or want to sleep undisturbed yourself, you can deactivate the doorbell at certain times or adjust the volume. In China, the bell has already been available for a few weeks. The reviews sound promising. Among other things, the fast connection is praised.

We also have the doorbell already here and will test it extensively in the next few weeks. Then we can also tell you whether the specification of four months of battery runtime is realistic.

In addition to Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are also supported. A firmware update will also enable the doorbell to be used via Matter in the future, as soon as the Smarthome standard supports cameras. The bell is available now on Amazon (US / GB / DE / FR). Use discount code “USCAVDG4” (US /CA) or “EUDOORBELLG4” (FR / DE / IT / ES) to save 15% until March 25.