Aqara Light Strip T1 and extension available

After the Light Strip T1 from Aqara was officially launched over two weeks ago, the device itself as well as the extension is now available on Amazon.

Multicolor Light Strip from Aqara launches

The Light Strip can display multiple colors simultaneously and play effects. Thanks to the possibility of copying the Aqara scenes into HomeKit, the functions can also be used in Apple Home.

Sensibo integrates ChatGPT

Sensibo, known for its air conditioning controls and air purifiers, integrates ChatGPT to offer automatically generated schedules based on user behavior.

The company is also introducing the Sensibo Blaze radiator thermostat, which supports Matter. ChatGPT integration will be available for air conditioning controls and the new thermostat, with the Sensibo Blaze scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Matter door lock from Nuki coming this year

Nuki reiterates its intention to launch a door lock with Matter support later this year.

Nuki: Matter-over-Thread Door Lock to Be Released Later This Year

We were not told whether the door lock will continue to have native HomeKit integration and perhaps even support Apple Home Key in the end.

Smartmi Humidifier 3: A powerful humidifier without HomeKit support.

The Smartmi Humidifier 3, a powerful humidifier with a 5-liter tank and smart technology to prevent buildup, lacks only one crucial thing: HomeKit integration.

Instead, users can integrate it into the Apple ecosystem via Homebridge. Despite this drawback, it offers a solid performance and is available at a price of around 169 EUR.

Loxone: Beta brings Matter integration

Austrian company Loxone has introduced Matter integration for the Miniserver in its beta version This allows users to integrate the miniserver with Matter-enabled smarthome systems such as Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Samsung SmartThings.

Loxone: Matter Integration Available as Beta

However, Loxone emphasizes that they do not currently provide support for Matter integration, as Matter is still in its infancy. For reliable integration with Apple Home, the official HomeKit integration is recommended.

Matter: Why we recommend restraint for the time being

The Matter smarthome standard promises a promising future, but you should still be patient at the moment. There are currently still too many teething problems.

Why You Should Currently Avoid Matter

We also perceived this mood at IFA and even received unexpected statements from manufacturers. You can find the full article here.

Terncy goes bankrupt

Terncy actually made solid devices that could also be integrated with Apple Home via the Hub. Nevertheless, the Chinese company was never really able to gain a foothold on the German market.

Terncy Home Center HomeKit Hub

In the meantime, our contacts have told us that Terncy is probably broke. However, if you have devices from the manufacturer in use, this should not affect the Apple Home integration.

The winner of the big SwitchBot | SmartApfel raffle has been chosen

To celebrate the new SwitchBot family member, the SwitchBot Curtain 3, we held a raffle where you, as a SmartApfel app user, had a chance to win a big SwitchBot gift pack with just one click.

The winner was drawn at random and informed via push message. The SwitchBot package is on its way to Oliver in Berlin. Congratulations and we hope you enjoy your prize!