In October last year, Nuki had published a video showing a door lock with Matter. At that time, it was announced that a corresponding model would come in the second quarter of 2023. Here we are now and Nuki has reiterated sticking to this plan.

Austrian company Nuki has once again confirmed in a press release that it plans to release a Matter-over-Thread door lock later this year. In it, the company also emphasizes that it has had a decisive influence on the new Smarthome standard for European door locks.

Matter Standard Addresses Door Latch

Because unlike American doors, in Europe there is almost always a knob on the outside. For this reason, door locks must be able to retract the door latch to actually open it. While Apple Home does not take this case into account, the Matter standard is supposed to include the “open door without pulling the latch” option.

We are very excited about the new door lock from Nuki. In the future, the lock will not only have to stand up to Tedee and SwitchBot, but also to Aqara’s Matter-over-Thread door lock. At IFA, the Chinese company announced a corresponding door lock and told us that it is currently working on an Apple Home Key integration for the keypad. If Nuki does not deliver, the company could lose many customers from the Apple Home sector in the future. When we asked about this, we were not given any information.