Sensibo, known for its air conditioning control and air purifier, integrates ChatGPT to suggest automatically generated schedules to users based on past behavior. In addition, the manufacturer has announced the Sensibo Blaze, a new radiator thermostat designed to support the new Matter smarthome standard.

ChatGPT Learns User Behavior

The ChatGPT integration, which was already presented in the summer, is to be available for the air conditioning controls as well as the new radiator thermostat and analyze user behavior.

Based on this data, Sensibo would then like to propose you an automatically generated schedule. Only time will tell whether the integration can deliver what it promises or is just a good marketing campaign in the end.

Sensibo Blaze: Matter-Compatible Radiator Thermostat

At IFA, the manufacturer also presented Sensibo Blaze, a new radiator thermostat. The device can be integrated into all major smarthome systems thanks to Matter.

In addition to heating control, the Sensibo Blaze has an integrated air quality sensor that can measure CO2 and TVOC levels. The device can also access real-time weather data. Thanks to this data, and the ChatGPT integration, it should be possible to save an average of 20% in energy costs.

The Sensibo Blaze radiator thermostat is scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter of 2023.