Even though the Smartmi company has been pushing HomeKit integration in new products for some time, a device has currently been launched on the market where this is unfortunately not the case. Even though the new Smartmi Humidifier 3 initially looks very similar to its predecessor, the Humidifier 2, there are some improvements. As with the predecessor, integration into the Apple ecosystem is regrettably not included.

Last year we introduced you to the Smartmi Rainforest humidifier with HomeKit. Visually, we were thrilled. HomeKit support is included with the Rainforest, but the advertised raindrop feature was quickly lost, so we could only give it a limited purchase recommendation.

The new Smartmi Humidifier 3 now comes in a more classic design, has grown and has the dimensions of 260 × 260 × 405 mm. Like its predecessor, the Humidifier 2, the new Smartmi humidifier relies on the mist-free evaporation technology. In this process, a roller with a honeycomb structure inside the device is moistened and air circulates around it, which is transported to the outside. The humidifier promises a period of humidification of about 14 hours and uninterrupted maximum moisture output of up to 350 ml/h, suitable for rooms with up to 50 sqm. Built-in air drying technology automatically activates for 3 hours when water runs low and evaporates remaining moisture to prevent bacterial growth in stagnant water.

The water tank in the new model has been enlarged to an impressive 5-liter capacity. In addition, inside there is now a filter and a pump. This keeps the water circulating at all times and is designed to minimize the buildup of scale and impurities.

Thanks to the ultra-quiet operation with less than 50 dB(A), the evaporative humidifier can be operated comfortably all day and all night. The minimalist LED display automatically adjusts to low brightness in sleep mode to ensure an undisturbed night’s rest. Overall, the power consumption is under 10 watts according to the manufacturer.

The Humidifier 3 can be smartly integrated and operated via the Xiaomi Home app, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. As a small consolation, Siri shortcuts are supported.

For detailed use in Apple HomeKit, you only have to use Homebridge and the appropriate plugin. We’ve been relying on the very reliable and simply designed homebridge-miot plugin for a while now for other Xiaomi devices, which integrates many Xiaomi, Smartmi and other devices that don’t come with HomeKit out of the box into the Apple ecosystem.

Thus, even with a few simple steps, the new Smartmi Humidifier 3 was already integrated and is available with some functions in the connection for control, scenes and automations in HomeKit, should that be useful for your purposes.

Overall, we find the Smartmi Humidifier 3 to be a successful evolution from the Humidifier 2, with some improvements. Due to the large tank, the intelligent technology to reduce deposits and impurities in the tank, you certainly do not go wrong with the device, and you put Smartmi on a reputable and experienced manufacturer.

There are still only a manageable number of HomeKit alternatives of smart humidifiers, one feels connected to the Apple ecosystem. There in the meantime, but also with modern Thread wireless technology, people no longer want to rely exclusively on Wi-Fi for their smart devices.

The new Smartmi Humidifier 3 humidifier will be available soon at a price of around 169,- EUR.


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