More than a year ago, the Austrian company Loxone gave the Miniserver a HomeKit update. Now they are following suit and have integrated the new Matter smarthome standard in a first beta.

Whoever deals with the topic of smarthome when building a house will come across Loxone sooner or later. This system is installed and configured by electricians. Therefore, it is of interest not only for technology enthusiasts, but also for those who do not want to deal with it intensively, but still do not want to do without the comfort of a smarthome.

With the current Loxone Config 14.4 Beta 2 ( they now offer an experimental Matter integration for the first time. This allows the miniserver to integrate with other Matter-enabled smarthome systems, including Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Samsung SmartThings.

The following device types are made available via Matter, where the first part indicates the device type in Loxone and the second part indicates the device type in Matter:

  • Switch / Pushbutton: On / Off Switch
  • Blind: Window Covering
  • Light: On / Off Light
  • Ventilation: Fan
  • Window: Window Covering
  • Gate: Door Lock
  • IRC (Intelligent Room Controller): Thermostat

No support for Matter integration

In the official blog post for this announcement, the company states that they will not be providing support for the Matter integration at this time. Matter is currently still in its infancy and has sometimes caused high network load in test installations.

If you are using Loxone and want to integrate it with Apple Home, we recommend you to use the official HomeKit integration.