There was a lot of news again this week, including one or two things about the new Matter smarthome standard. In addition, a new product from Apple has been launched.

Recalibrate HomePod (mini) sensors: Here’s how!

With software version 16.3, every HomePod (mini) is no longer just a speaker, but also a room climate station. Since then, the values of the integrated temperature and humidity sensors have also been displayed in Apple Home.

Recalibrate HomePod (mini) sensors: Here's how!

However, when comparing with other climate sensors, differences in the measured values are always noticeable. If you want to recalibrate the sensors, you can do this simply by disconnecting the power for a short time. But why this does not necessarily bring the desired success, you can read in our article.

The modern record player

With the Muse Play, a modern record player can be pre-ordered that uses small NFC cards as music albums instead of records and plays them on Sonos speakers.

Muse Play: The modern record player

In our article, we have also described three HomeKit alternatives. NFC stickers and a switch are also used here.

The first Matter device starts

The TP-Link Tapo P125M smart plug, the first out-of-the-box Matter device, launched this week.

The first out-of-the-box Matter device is here

Unlike the already available devices from Eve Systems, the Matter firmware is pre-installed and there is a Matter code instead of a HomeKit code on the device.

Anker confirms unencrypted recordings with eufy cameras

After a long back and forth, Anker finally admitted this week what everyone already knew anyway: The video streams of the eufy cameras were unencrypted.

Soon with HomeKit Secure Video: eufyCam 2C launches in Germany

To change that, the company wants to use WebRTC in the future, which is inherently encrypted. In addition, they want to conduct independent security audits, introduce a bug bounty program, and publish a website explaining the security concept.

Aqara G4 Video Doorbell launches

This week, the new Aqara G4 Video Doorbell has been launched in China. The HomeKit video doorbell can be either hardwired or battery powered.

Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4

The device will be available in other countries in March.

Philips Hue Go table lamp can be pre-ordered

Originally, the new Philips Hue Go table lamp with integrated battery was supposed to launch last year.

Philips Hue Go: Portable table lamp can be pre-ordered

With some delay, the lamp can now be pre-ordered in white with sage green silicone handle and in black with gray handle. Delivery will take place from February 24.

App from IKEA integrates air quality display

With the update released this week, IKEA has integrated the air quality sensor of the IKEA STARKVIND air purifiers into its own app. A screen informs about the current PM 2.5 value and classifies it as “Good”, “Okay” or “Poor”.

The new feature is also likely to have been integrated in preparation for the new IKEA VINDSTYRKA air quality monitor that surfaced earlier this year.

Aqara releases new firmware for M2 Hub

Aqara has started to release a new firmware for the M2 Hub this week. The firmware, which is marked as beta, allows the hub and many of the connected devices to be used via Matter.

According to Aqara, it should take four to six weeks before the update is available to all users.

Rain hood for Aqara motion detector

Actually, the Aqara motion detector is designed for indoor use. However, with self-printed rain cover, the sensor can be easily installed outdoors, Alexey reports on Twitter.

Aqara motion sensor outdoors: no problem with rain cover

If you are interested, you can find the printable file on Thingiverse. Otherwise, you can of course go straight for an outdoor motion sensor, such as the Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor or the Eve Motion.

HomePod: Stuck on configuration

The new HomePod reached the first customers on Friday. Instead of a simple setup, however, many users ran into problems. The HomePod never made it past the status “HomePod is being configured.”

HomePod causes problems: Stuck on configuration

A problem that could be related to the new HomeKit architecture. This is because the device is shipped with software version 16.0. How you can still set up the HomePod, we explain in this post.

Nuki improves Auto Unlock

Nuki has updated its own app this week and allows an individually adjustable opening delay for the Auto Unlock function.

Nuki improves Auto Unlock

If Auto Unlock is activated, the lock opens automatically as soon as you are back in Bluetooth range after leaving the house. If the lock opens too early, for example because the parking space is in the immediate vicinity of the door, a delay can now be set.