Aqara has today started to release a new firmware for the Aqara Hub M2. Version 4.0 initially launches as a beta and lets you use the hub with many of the connected devices via Matter.

If you have an Aqara Hub M2 in use, you can also use it from now on via the new smarthome standard Matter. At least, once the beta is available for you. According to Aqara, it should take four to six weeks before the update is available to all users outside of China.

Before you install the update and start using the hub and connected devices via Matter, Aqara recommends ensuring the following points:

  • Please make sure that the Aqara Home app is up to date (version 3.0.8 or higher) and connected to one of the global servers outside mainland China
  • Please bind at least one Zigbee device to the M2 hub before connecting the M2 to third party platforms via Matter
  • Please make sure that the M2 Hub, Matter(e.g. HomePod mini, Nest Hubs, etc.) and the cell phone with the Matter are on the same local network (same SSID)
  • If you want to connect M2 Hub to Apple Home via Matter, please make sure that the firmware version of Apple devices (e.g. iPhone, HomePod mini) is up to date (version 16.3 or higher)

Once the latest firmware is installed, you can select “Bind to Matter (Beta)” in the hub’s settings and add it to the smarthome platforms that support Matter.

Since this is a beta, you should consider the update very carefully. Especially if you want to continue using HomeKit exclusively in the future, we recommend to wait.

Aqara Matter devices

In the future, Aqara also wants to equip other hubs with new firmware to support the new smarthome standard. So if you do not have the M2 hub in use, you will have to be patient for a while.