The IKEA Home smart app has received an update to version 1.5. In addition to stability improvements, the app now displays the air quality for the IKEA STARKVIND air purifier. The new feature is also likely to be in preparation for a new air quality monitor.

The IKEA STARKVIND is available both as a stand-alone unit and integrated into a table. The air quality sensor has always been displayed in HomeKit, but was previously missing in the manufacturer’s own app.

Source: reddit

However, this has changed with version 1.5. The IKEA Home smart app now displays the current PM 2.5 value and classifies it as “Good”, “Okay” or “Poor”.

Preparation for new air quality monitor

The fact that IKEA is now integrating this new feature into the app is probably no coincidence. Earlier this year, a new air quality monitor surfaced, the IKEA VINDSTYRKA, which is also said to connect to the Hub.

But not only the new IKEA Home smart app has received an update. Updates are also available for the old app and the IKEA DIRIGERA Hub. However, IKEA only mentions bug fixes and improvements in the release notes here.