Every Sunday, we take a look back at the past seven days and what’s been happening in the world of Matter and HomeKit.

Using HomePod Intercom in Siri Shortcuts

With the current iOS 16.4 beta, Apple has also further improved Siri shortcuts. Among other things, the HomePod’s intercom feature can be used there.

Texts that you pass in the shortcut are then read out by Siri on the selected HomePods.

Additional security for the Nuki Keypad 2.0

If you are afraid that someone will steal your Nuki Keypad 2.0, there is a 3D printed accessory for you.

On ebay someone is selling a case that screws the keypad into the wall with security screws. However, it is questionable whether this is really necessary, since Nuki replaces the keypad free of charge in case of theft.

Aqara reveals new products

Aqara revealed four products this week, two of which we already knew from CES in Las Vegas, the FP2 presence sensor and the Light Strip T1.

Aqara introduces new products for the Chinese market

Furthermore, Aqara has introduced a smart door with door lock, display and peephole, and a wall switch with display twice the size of Aqara’s previous models.

More information about new Sonos speakers surfaced

The new Sonos Era 300 is scheduled to launch in late March for $450, as well as the Sonos Era 100 for $250.

Sonos: These are the new Era 300 and Era 100 speakers

While the spatial audio-focused Sonos Era 300 is expected to launch as a new price point, the Sonos Era 100 could replace the Sonos One in the future.

Contact sensor with motion detector receives Matter certification

The Netatmo Smart Security Sensor successfully passed the Matter certification process this week.

This means that the market launch of the contact sensor with integrated motion detector is now within reach. The device has Thread and is supposed to be usable exclusively via Matter without its own app.

Matter plays a central role at Nuki

Nuki issued a press release this week, focusing on its most successful fiscal year to date.

However, Matter was also given a paragraph and the company reaffirmed its ambitions to fully rely on the new Smarthome standard for further development.

Aqara FP2 corresponds to 32 motion detectors

An exciting presence detector, the Aqara FP2, launched in China this week. The device detects even the smallest movements.

New details about the FP2 presence detector from Aqara

Up to 32 zones can be defined in the Aqara app, each of which appears as an independent motion detector in HomeKit.

Now on our table: New Philips Hue Go lamp

As always, it’s worth mentioning how high-quality the workmanship and materials are with Philips Hue devices. This is no different with the new Hue Go Portable table lamp.

The new battery light is also splash-proof, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. We’ll take a detailed look at the chic piece for you.

myStrom: HomeKit devices of the Swiss company looked at

If myStrom doesn’t tell you anything yet, then you should read our article about the HomeKit devices of the Swiss company.

In it we highlight the motion detector for the socket, the smart plug with current measurement feature and the LED controller for existing light strips.

New panels and lampshade for SYMFONISK speakers

IKEA plans to offer new picture panels for the SYMFONISK frame speaker, among others, starting in April. These are part of the new ÖMSESIDIG series, created in collaboration with Latin American creatives.

New panels and lampshade for SYMFONISK speakers

In addition, there is to be a new, natural-looking lampshade made of bamboo wood for the lamp speaker.