Should you have the Nuki door lock in use, the manufacturer’s new keypad is a practical addition. This allows the lock to be opened via a code or fingerprint. Unfortunately, the device can be easily removed from the wall mount by sliding it upwards. What happens in case of theft and how you can make it more difficult, we tell you in this article.

In many situations where the auto-unlock function is not working, we are grateful to have a keypad in use. For example, if we just want to take out the trash or get something from the car or garage, we don’t have to get our iPhone out of our pocket or use Siri. A code or fingerprint is enough to open the door again.

Nuki Keypad 2.0

The keypad can be easily removed from the wall mount by sliding it upwards. What is very convenient when changing batteries, also simplifies the work of thieves.

Theft futile

Now before you start worrying too much about theft, we can put your mind at ease. Without the admin pin, the thief cannot use the keypad.

In case of a theft, you will receive a free replacement device from Nuki with a copy of the loss report and the invoice.

Additional wall bracket protects against theft

If the manufacturer’s anti-theft measures are not enough for you, there is the possibility to provide more security with an additional case.

A 3D printed product is sold on ebay. The keypad is screwed into the wall using safety screws with a pin. A thief would therefore have to have a Torx Bit 20 with a pin hole.

Opportunistic thieves and rowdy youths should be deterred from stealing. However, changing the battery is much more time-consuming and the keypad always has to be unscrewed from the wall together with the holder.

The theft of the keypad is very unlikely. In case of theft, you even get a free replacement from Nuki. Whether you actually need an additional case is something everyone has to decide for themselves.