We recently informed you about the launch of the new Philips Hue Go portable table lamp. Now let’s take a detailed look at this stylish piece for you.

As always, it’s worth mentioning how high-quality the workmanship and materials are with Philips Hue devices. This is no different with the new Hue Go table lamp. The lamp has a height of 35 cm, a diameter of 14.2 cm and weighs 952 grams. As a result, it also has a stable and firm stand. The casing is mainly made of aluminum. All edges and curves, as well as the paintwork, are immaculately finished. The silicone handle on the stem of the lamp is optional. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to clip it on.

For a luminaire like the new Hue Go, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, good workmanship is particularly important. The luminaire meets the IP20/54 protection class. It has protection against dust penetration and is protected from splashing water on all sides. Please use the enclosed charging station indoors only. Here, the Hue Go can be placed quite conveniently.

The charging station is not magnetic, the lamp finds its place through a recess. By the way, the silicone anti-slip pads at the bottom of the charging station can cause discoloration on some surfaces. We know this from the bottom of the HomePod. On our wooden table the next day were visible corresponding markings. The lamp itself has deeper silicone feet on the bottom. So far, we have not noticed any discoloration on the table.

The charging station is firmly connected to the power supply with the 200 cm long cable and fully charges the battery integrated in the Hue Go within 4 hours. According to the manufacturer, it should last up to 48 hours at the lowest luminosity (night light).

By the way, there is no battery level indicator in the Hue app, nor in HomeKit. Even the light itself does not directly indicate whether the battery is almost empty or fully charged. Only shortly before the battery charge is nearing its end, this is signaled by a short flash on the light.

As usual from Philips Hue, the new Hue Go is also added to the Hue Bridge via the Philips Hue app. Afterwards, the light is then directly available in Apple HomeKit for control and for setting up scenes, automations, as well as for Siri. The Hue Go also supports Apple’s Adaptive Lighting function, which makes it suitable for use as a bedside lamp for some users. Dynamic light scenes can be activated via the Hue app.

With the button on the top of the Hue Go you turn it on, switch between special, predefined and non-changeable lighting effects, such as candlelight flicker, bright light for concentration or relaxation light, and can also turn the lamp off again with a long press of the button. It’s a physical button, by the way, not a touch. If you feel like it, we’ve linked the short user guide here.

The Hue Go has a color rendering index (CRI) of 80, and the brightness value is 360 lumens @2700K and 530 lumens @4000K. The Hue Go of course supports cool as well as warm white as well as colored light perfectly and displays it flawlessly.

Currently, the new luminaire on the dining room table provides a pleasant lighting atmosphere. We look forward to the first balmy summer evenings to enjoy the new Philips Hue Go also as a companion quite comfortable on the balcony.

Even at a price of 159,- EUR, sales seem to have started well. With the availability directly in the Philips Hue Shop, but also at click-licht.de, it doesn’t look that good a short time after the market launch.


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