With iOS 16.4, there are new actions in Siri shortcuts. Among other things, the HomePod Intercom can be fed with your own texts. So if you want to listen to the weather forecast automatically with your iPhone alarm clock, that’s no problem.

The HomePods’ intercom feature can be a handy thing, especially for larger houses and apartments. Voice messages can be sent to specific or all HomePods via Siri or Apple’s Home app. For example, if dinner is ready, you can quickly and easily let your children and partner know.

In the future, this feature can also be used in Siri shortcuts with texts. Siri then reads the text aloud on the selected HomePods. However, the feature is missing in HomeKit automations that are converted into a shortcut, at least in the first beta of iOS 16.4.

Use intercom in automations

However, some triggers are also available in “Personal Automations” in Siri shortcuts. For example, you can be notified when your iPhone is more than 80% charged again, receive an email from a specific sender, or read out the current weather conditions when your alarm clock rings.

Intercom in Siri Shortcuts

It will probably take some time until Apple releases iOS 16.4 for all users. Until then, you can only test “Intercom” in the developer or public beta. By the way, Intercom can only be used with the HomePod or HomePod mini. Other AirPlay 2 speakers are not available.