Apple has already released the second beta of iOS 16.4. As suspected, Cupertino starts a new attempt to finally successfully implement the HomeKit architecture upgrade with iOS 16.4. However, Apple also further integrates Matter into the system and now supports manual and automatic firmware updates.

With iOS 16.2, Apple has released the HomeKit architecture upgrade for the first time. The basic changes are supposed to provide better stability and performance. The upgrade is optional, but is a prerequisite for new features.

About a week after the initial release, Apple withdrew the upgrade due to problems with some users and added it to a list of major issues.

With the now released first beta of iOS 16.4, the upgrade returns. If you have already performed the upgrade before, you will not be shown it again.

Firmware updates for Matter accessories

Furthermore, Apple has integrated manual and automatic firmware updates for Matter accessories. Unlike HomeKit devices, manufacturers of Matter accessories no longer have to release their own app.

So that firmware updates can nevertheless be installed, these are an integral part of the Matter specification. Thus, we will be spared one or the other horrible manufacturer app in the future.

Current temperature for thermostats

While some thermostats in HomeKit have always displayed the current temperature in addition to the desired temperature by means of an additional line in the dial, this marking has so far been missing in the devices from tado° and Eve Systems, among others.

Source: reddit

With the second beta of iOS 16.4, this marker is also visible on numerous other thermostats.