Nuki also uses the announcement of its most successful fiscal year to date to reaffirm its ambitions to develop a door lock compatible with the new smarthome standard Matter.

It was not so long ago that Nuki kept a very low profile regarding Matter. At the end of October last year, the Graz-based company published a video showing a first prototype with Matter.

In the meantime, the importance of the Smarthome standard has been fully understood and Matter is relied on for further development in every respect. That’s what Nuki writes in a recent press release, which ostensibly talks about the company’s most successful fiscal year to date, with 133,000 door locks sold in 2022.

One thing is currently of particular importance at Nuki in terms of further development: Matter. This is the standard created by the international Connectivity Standard Alliance that will make home automation devices from different vendors compatible. Because: The variety of producers of smart home systems is now huge. If a device works with Apple HomeKit, for example, that does not mean that it will also work with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Matter is intended to create a uniform basis for controlling devices from different systems together in one app. “As a pioneer in smart home technology, it is extremely important for us to help define this new standard. To this end, we are cooperating closely with international giants such as Apple, Google and Amazon within the framework of the Matter Foundation,” explains Martin Pansy.

Press release Nuki (translated)

By the way, it should be a new door lock. An update for the existing locks is rather unlikely, according to Nuki. At least, that’s the last stand Nuki had communicated with the video last year.