We first reported on Netatmo’s smart door lock back in early 2020. Now, almost four years later, the long-awaited HomeKit door lock is finally available and takes a very different approach than the competition.

Unlike conventional door locks, the Netatmo door lock is deliberately not connected to the Internet. This unusual decision is based on a well thought-out safety concept. Instead of a traditional Internet connection, Netatmo uses smart NFC keys and also enables Bluetooth connection with the smartphone. The remote control of the lock can nevertheless be realized via HomeKit.

Netatmo Smart Door Lock

The installation of the Netatmo Smart Door Lock is very simple and does not require any complex modifications. The lock is mounted on the inside of the door and the cylinder can be easily replaced with the supplied lock cylinder. There is a small rotary button on the outside that allows manual opening from the outside, since an auto-unlock function was deliberately not integrated.

NFC keys open multiple locks on demand

The door can be opened in two ways: using an NFC key or via Bluetooth with a smartphone. Each Smart Door Lock has a “Secure Element” that securely manages all actions of opening, closing and adding new keys. Additional users can be easily invited or keys removed via the associated app.

Netatmo Smart Door Lock with NFC Keys

The Home + Security app allows to manage any number of keys for one lock. Three keys are already included with the Netatmo Smart Door Lock, and additional keys can be conveniently purchased from the Netatmo online store. One key can even be added to multiple locks, making it much easier to manage multiple access points to a home.

The door lock’s batteries, four AAA batteries, are supposed to last a full twelve months. The app informs about low batteries in time. A powerbank can be connected via an external micro-USB port as an emergency power supply, so that a lockout is avoided even when the batteries are empty.

Apple Home yes – Homey Key no

The door lock is compatible with Apple HomeKit and can be easily controlled via Apple’s Smarthome platform. Apple Home Key, i.e. opening the lock by placing an iPhone or Apple Watch on it, is not supported.

The Netatmo Smart Door Lock is available now for €379.99 from Tink and the manufacturer’s official online store. Additional keys can be purchased for 39.99 euros, a set of three smart keys is available for 99.99 euros, and cylinder extensions in two sizes are available for 29.99 euros each.


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