If you want to not only use smarthome devices, but also have a hand in developing them yourself, Third Reality has the right product for you. Both the hardware and the software of the Night Light Dev Kit are open source and are available with WiFi as well as with Thread.

Third Reality’s night light is an exciting device. Plugged into the socket, it has a motion detector with light sensor and a colored light. According to the CSA website, the device has already passed the Matter certification process.

Third Reality Night Light Dev Kit

The average consumer can therefore simply add the device to the favorite smarthome platform via Matter and just use it. On the other hand, if you are interested in developing smarthome devices, you can customize the firmware according to your needs.

Both devices are available on Amazon in the US. The Thread version with the Bouffalolab BL706 Thread module costs $34.99 and the WiFi version with the Bouffalolab BL602 Wifi module is available for $39.99.