We take our current desk upgrade as an opportunity to draw attention to a fairly unknown, high-quality HomeKit desk lamp. With the Yeelight Desk Lamp V1 Pro you get a modern lamp with professional lighting technology.

Again, as we all know, there is no accounting for taste when it comes to design. For our tastes, however, we are delighted. Although the luminaire is made of plastic all around, it has a high-quality finish. It stands stably due to the heavy base, even if the upper part occasionally swings a bit when we hammer too hard into the keyboard. But the luminaire design does not come by chance. Due to the special shape, the shadow cast is reduced and there is no dazzling light for the eyes.

The special feature of the luminaire is not only the design, but also the professional LED technology and the built-in sensors. The Yeelight LED Desk Lamp V1 is equipped with two “bionic” sensors that detect both reading light and ambient light. This allows the lamp to automatically adjust brightness to changing lighting conditions.

In addition, sensors also ensure that the light detects whether you are sitting at your desk or not. Accordingly, the Yeelight V1 turns off when you leave your desk and turns on again when you return. The luminaire can be controlled via the touch controls on the front. Cool and warm white, brightness, automatic mode, on/off and a timer function to remind you to take a break from work.

The “SunLike” LED technology of the Yeelight V1 also ensures that the light contains less blue light. This way, it is more like natural sunlight and less strenuous on the eyes. In addition, the light emitted by the Yeelight luminaire is particularly flicker-free. With a color rendering index (Ra) of up to 95, the Yeelight V1 reproduces ambient colors exactly as they would be in natural sunlight. I have been using the lamp for some time now and I think that my eyes are actually more relaxed than they were with the previous desk lamp.

By the way, the Yeelight LED Desk Lamp V1 Pro can find its permanent place in two ways. Either with a stand or a clamp holder, which requires correspondingly less space on the desk. Unfortunately, you have to choose a variant beforehand, since the holders are not sold separately.

Since we are talking about a smart Wi-Fi light with the Yeelight V1, it can be controlled and settings can be made via the Yeelight app or also via the Xiaomi Home app. We found that the Xiaomi app is even a bit more appealing in design.

Of course, the Yeelight LED Desk Lamp V1 Pro can also be integrated into Apple HomeKit. For use in automations and scenes, this makes sense for our home. For example, in the “good night” scene, or for control via Siri on demand. In the Home app, the options look unspectacular as expected, but of course serve their purpose. Apple Adaptive Lighting is unfortunately not available on the Yeelight V1.

By the way, we had previously used the Yeelight Screen Light Bar Pro for a while, also very satisfied. This also brings excellent illumination of the workplace. However, we had to rely on the Homebridge plugin homebridge-yeelight-screen-light-bar here for integration into HomeKit, which of course is no problem and works perfectly.

If you are as enthusiastic about the Yeelight LED Desk Lamp V1 Pro as we are, you can get the light in both variants (base or clamp base) at a price of around 150,- EUR.