Just in time for the gardening season, Eve Systems has released a new model of the Eve Flare. The HomeKit ball light with integrated battery lets modern technology move into the garden thanks to Thread.

Unboxing and setup

In the box you will find the Eve Flare with a diameter of 25cm, the wireless charging station, the power adapter with interchangeable plug types and a quick start guide. If you look closely, you can see a slightly protruding ridge in the center of the sphere.

The installation is done quickly: Scan HomeKit code, assign room, assign name, done. It doesn’t matter if you use Apple’s Home app, the Eve app, or any other HomeKit app.

Eve Flare facility

However, additional settings can be made in the manufacturer’s own app after setup, including the speed of the color transitions, the power-on behavior, and the transmission power. The connection is established via Bluetooth or, if a Thread Border Router is present, via Thread.

Eve Flare settings

Vivid colors with low brightness

Now let’s get to the exciting part. With 90 lumens, the Eve Flare is not particularly bright. This is really an accent light. But despite the low brightness, it gives a warm and cozy atmosphere to a room or the outdoor area.

From various shades of white to red, green and blue, all colors are supported. Despite the low brightness levels, colors are surprisingly vivid, even green and blue. Many lamps fail at this point. Adaptive lighting, on the other hand, is missing.

Portable thanks to integrated rechargeable battery

The battery level can be viewed via the Home or Eve app and is even available as a trigger in automations. For example, you can indicate a low battery level via the color.

If the battery is empty, the lamp can simply be placed on the charging station. Thanks to the ring-shaped contacts, you don’t have to worry about alignment here, let alone plugging in a cable. Of course, the lamp can also remain permanently on the charging station.

While the charging station is intended for indoor use, the lamp can also be taken to the garden, balcony, lake or park for a barbecue thanks to IP65 water resistance. A carrying handle on the underside facilitates transport. The integrated battery lasts for about six hours at full brightness.

Eve Flare Carrying Handle

There are also two buttons on the bottom to turn the lamp on/off and cycle through predefined colors. In the Eve app, favorite colors can be stored, but they are not taken into account when changing colors via the “Mode” button.

Conclusion: A versatile and practical HomeKit lamp

Despite many positive aspects, the Eve Flare also has drawbacks. In our test, the lamp sometimes reacted very slowly and delayed to commands. It is also priced higher than some alternatives. However, its portability, long battery life and water resistance offer additional features that can justify the higher price.

Overall, the Eve Flare is a versatile HomeKit globe light that scores high on portability and durability. Despite its low brightness and occasional hiccups in response time, it offers a good overall package for those looking for atmospheric lighting that can be used both indoors and out.

You can get the Eve Flare on Amazon.