Last week, we already reported that a security researcher had raised concerns about Eufy’s surveillance cameras. Now, the manufacturer is taking the first step to improve the situation by equipping the app with the appropriate notices.

The surveillance cameras from eufy are very popular because they are not only cheap, but also work with Apple HomeKit. The manufacturer has advertised in the past that recordings are only stored locally.

However, a security researcher then discovered that some of the recordings ended up in the cloud unencrypted. Eufy had then informed that these are thumbnails that are needed for the notifications for a short time on the servers.

In the latest version of its own app, the manufacturer now points out this fact in the settings. Depending on whether users choose to receive a notification with or without a thumbnail, the thumbnails are cached on the servers or not.

We hope that the current criticism of Anker subsidiary Eufy will ensure better security standards for this sensitive data in the long term. By the way, in combination with a HomeKit router, you can limit network traffic to the connection with the Home Hub. As a HomeKit Secure Video camera, the Home Hub can encrypt recordings while still in the home before storing them in the iCloud.