Meross has released a new temperature and humidity sensor that can also be integrated with Apple Home via a hub. The special feature of the sensor is the small solar cell, which is said to provide a battery life of more than six years.

Cameras with solar cells have been arriving in the HomeKit world for a long time. A temperature and humidity sensor is not that common yet, except for one sensor from Opus. Meross is now offering such a device in the manufacturer’s own online store.

The device comes with a CR2477 coin cell battery. The solar cell therefore does not charge an internal battery, but merely reduces power consumption. For this purpose, the sensor switches from battery to solar operation from a brightness of 350 lux.

Swiss sensor

Meross advertises that the sensor is a “Swiss 4th Generation Sensor” and is supposed to have high precision. Historical data from the past two years can be viewed and exported via the Meross app.

As is common with Meross sensors, the new Meross Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor MS100FHHK requires a hub. This allows the device to be integrated into Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Samsung SmartThings.

The sensor including the hub is available via the Meross online store for around $35. Without the hub, the device is already available for about $25. Use our permanent community discount code “SmartApfel” to save 10% at checkout.