This week, there were again some updates in the HomeKit and Matter world. Aqara has improved its own HomeKit integration, SwitchBot and Hama are focusing on the new Matter standard, and Apple has an exciting feature in store for its tvOS.

Aqara update: Advanced HomeKit integration and new device features

Aqara updated its own app this week, which now allows scenes created through the Aqara app to be copied into Apple HomeKit. This opens up the possibility of including numerous functions and devices in HomeKit that were not previously supported.

Aqara enables use of Aqara Home scenes in Apple Home

For example, functions such as the disappearance of the camera in the Aqara Camera Hub G3 or the feeding function of the Aqara feeder C1 can now be controlled via HomeKit.

LG OLED firmware update: Improvement of the automatic dimming function

Owners of LG OLED TVs from 2022 and 2023 can look forward to an important firmware update that fixes problems with the automatic dimming function in dark movie scenes. The update to version 03.33.65 for the C2, G2 and CS models corrects the previously too dark image in certain scenes.

If the update is not yet available, you will have to be patient, as updates are rolled out gradually. LG’s integration of TVs with HomeKit continues to provide seamless control for users that we also use ourselves.

SwitchBot announces major Matter update for Hub 2 and other devices

After the company Nature equipped its Remo Nano device with a Matter update for HomeKit, SwitchBot is probably following suit. With the planned update for their Hub 2, users will be able to control IR devices, including TVs and air conditioners, via HomeKit. Unlike the competition, the SwitchBot Hub 2 should also be able to display temperature and humidity values in HomeKit when controlling an air conditioner.

Switchbot Hub 2: A Matter Compatible Solution for Official HomeKit Compatibility

The update is expected between August 10 and 15. In addition to IR control, SwitchBot plans to optimize other devices for Matter, including the Switchbot Bot, motion sensor, and contact sensor.

Update for Philips Hue motion sensors released

Before the IFA in September, Signify has given the Philips Hue motion sensors an update that expands the range of functions. The update provides access to up to 10 time windows and the natural light scene.

Philips Hue motion sensor

Although the update is not relevant for HomeKit-only users, those who automate their lighting via the Hue app will benefit. However, caution is advised when combining Hue Labs features and the update. Unexpected behavior may occur here.

Hama announces Matter Plug: Half the price compared to HomeKit model

Hama will present new Matter devices, including a new Plug, at the IFA in Berlin in early September. At €14.99, the Matter model will cost only half as much as the HomeKit model.

Hama announces cheap Matter plug

In addition to the Plug, Hama will also present various Matter lighting products. You can see which Matter devices are already available in HomeDevices.

New generation of Eve Cam surfaced

The first hints of the next generation Eve Cam have surfaced at the American regulatory authority FCC. The second generation of the camera, which until now could only be used via Apple HomeKit, deviates from the round design and opts for a square housing.

Additionally, the camera should no longer only support 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, but also 5 GHz. Official details are expected at the IFA in Berlin.

tvOS 17 enables shared Spatial Audio.

With the upcoming tvOS 17 update, Apple TV 4K users will be able to use Spatial Audio even when two AirPods or compatible Beats headphones are connected. Previously, this was limited to stereo playback, while single headphones offered Spatial Audio.

tvOS 17 enables shared spatial audio

Beta testers can already try this out and control it via the control center. A sleep timer can also be set with tvOS 17. The official release of tvOS 17 is expected in the fall.