If you own one of the HomeKit and AirPlay 2 compatible LG OLED TVs from 2022 or 2023, we strongly recommend you to enable the automatic update feature of your TV.

This will give you the latest firmware update. This update fixes a common problem with the automatic dimming function.

You might have encountered more problems with auto dimming in the past when watching movies with dark scenes. In certain scenes, the picture was additionally darkened, which resulted in visibility being severely limited.

By updating to version 03.33.65 for the C2 and G2 models, this problem is now solved. If the update is not yet available for your device, be patient. As usual, the distribution is gradual.

We ourselves have been using LG TVs for many years and are extremely satisfied, especially with the current devices. Our display is automatically turned on via HomeKit in the morning scene, HDMI inputs can be switched, and our TV also automatically goes to sleep in the “good night” scene.