Before Signify is expected to introduce new devices at the IFA in early September, the company has now rolled out an update for the Philips Hue motion sensors.

A few months ago, the company announced its intention to expand the functionality of the motion sensors. Now this update seems to be available for first users, that’s what our colleagues from HueBlog report.

If the update is also available for you, you will see a blue dot next to the settings after opening the Philips Hue app. Through it, you can install the update that Philips Hue describes as follows:

“Now you have up to 10 time windows, access to the natural light scene, and more. The new time windows below are set to default values – tap here to view your current settings, or tap the plus icon below to create a new time window.”

If you do not see the update yet, you will have to be patient. In addition, you should be careful when using Hue Labs features. Under certain circumstances, unexpected behavior may occur here in combination with the update.

For users who use the motion sensors exclusively via HomeKit, the update is irrelevant. However, if you automate your lighting via the Hue app, it may be worth taking a look.