Arguably the biggest change to Apple Home in the new software releases has come on the Apple Watch, although Apple didn’t say a word about it in the keynote. After installing watchOS 10, a completely redesigned app reveals itself in Apple Home.

Last year, Apple redesigned the Home app on the iPhone, iPad and Mac with iOS 16. This year, the Apple Watch app will follow.

Design is based on iPhone app

As already known from the iPhone, compact views of the cameras are displayed there and devices as well as scenes can be filtered by climate, light sources, security and speakers & TVs via switches.

Apple Home in watchOS 10

If you scroll further up, a large intercom button appears. This can be used to quickly send voice messages to all HomePods in that home or room.

Intercom Apple Watch

However, the devices and scenes of other houses can also be quickly accessed by favorites or rooms. Sliders and selection lists are easily and precisely adjustable via the Digital Crown.

Digital Crown for control of sliders and selection lists

No new complications

However, a bit more effort could have been put into the complications for the watch faces. Only a quick access to the app is available. Nevertheless, it is a nice and long overdue update.