Both Bosch and IKEA have released updates for their own smarthome systems. While Bosch focuses mainly on bug fixes, IKEA supports two new devices.

Bosch Smart Home

In addition to its own devices, the Bosch Smart Home System also supports products from other manufacturers. Among others, they support the Yale Linus Smart Lock. After Yale replaced its own app “Yale Access” with the new“Yale Home” app, Bosch has now also switched the integration to the new app. If you have both systems in use, you can now link the Yale Linus Lock again at Bosch via “More” → “Partner” → “Smart door locks”.

Yale Linus

In addition, a new firmware version 2.08 is available for the Light / shutter control unit II, which rolls back the changes from version 2.06. A bug caused the device to switch on its own in some cases with the previous version. The options that are no longer available, including resetting the device to factory settings via the switch, should be available again in one of the next updates.

Furthermore, the long press of the button on the universal switch can be reliably used in automations again. You can find the full release notes here.

IKEA Home smart

IKEA has also released new software versions in recent days. In addition to improvements for the TRÅDFRI Gateway, DIRIGERA Hub, wireless dimmer, blinds and some lamps, two new products are now supported.

First, the new Rodret switch can be connected to both the TRÅDFRI Gateway and the DIRIGERA Hub. The switch will be available as a dimmer, shortcut button and remote control, and will thus be able to control lights, blinds and scenes. However, the switch is not yet available in most countries.

IKEA Rodret

Secondly, in the release notes, IKEA mentions support for the new 95mm diameter filament lamp. However, the lamp has already been available since the end of March.