We used the rather quiet week to further improve our SmartApfel app. An update is available in the App Store. But now to the news of the past seven days.

Onvis motion detector with Thread launches in March

We had already reported about the new Onvis motion detector with Thread. As of this week, it is clear that the new device will launch in March.

Onvis: Motion and Security Alarm Contact Sensor with Thread surfaced

While the sensor does not differ externally from its predecessor except for a smaller logo, the SMS2 features an improved temperature and humidity sensor in addition to Thread. The new model is also supposed to be priced like its predecessor at around 30€ or $30.

LG equips third-party TVs with HomeKit

LG has announced that in the future not only its own TVs will support HomeKit, AirPlay, Apple TV and Apple Music, but also third-party TVs with the webOS Hub software.

LG brings HomeKit, AirPlay, Apple TV and music app to third-party webOS TVs

While the Apple TV and Apple Music app should also support old versions of the webOS Hub software, HomeKit and AirPlay require webOS Hub 2.0.

New HomeKit architecture comes with iOS 16.4

After the debacle around the HomeKit architecture upgrade, Apple seems to start a new attempt with iOS 16.4.

iOS 16.3 brings back HomeKit architecture upgrade

While not even a first beta of the software version is available yet, a code snippet regarding it has surfaced in Matter. By the way, this week Apple released version 16.3.1 for all users.

Philips Hue Lightguide partly postponed indefinitely

Actually, the three models of the Philips Hue Lightguide series were supposed to launch last fall. After all, the Ellipse has been available since December.

Philips Hue Lightguide

Globe and Triangular continue to be a long time coming and that will not change in the short term. The reason continues to be quality problems.

New speakers from Sonos surfaced

The Verge have reported on new speakers from Sonos this week. Besides completely new speakers, there is supposed to be a successor for the Sonos Move this year.

Sonos Era

With the “Era 100” and “Era 300”, there are to be speakers in a new design this year, which, according to Sonos, “reset the bar”. The flagship Era 300 is designed to play music with spatial audio and Dolby Atmos content.