This week, there were some noteworthy developments in the realm of Apple Home and Matter. As is the tradition every Sunday, we have summarized them for you.

Relm Smart Scented Wax Warmer: Modern Wax Fragrance Lamp

Relm has launched the “Smart Scented Wax Warmer,” an innovative wax-scented lamp, on Kickstarter. With smart features, elegant design and sustainability in the use of wax balls, it allows personalized aromatherapy.

Integration with Smarthome systems and support for Matter and Thread make them particularly attractive. Backers can still fund the project with a starting price of $75 until Nov. 2, with delivery expected to begin in April 2024.

Aqara Dual Relay Module T2 Now Available

Aqara this week released the Dual Relay Module T2, a flush-mounted module with impressive versatility. In addition to lighting control, it can control shutters, garage doors, heaters and boilers. With multiple operating modes and support for Matter and Apple Home, it’s highly customizable.

Aqara T2

However, if you want to place the module behind a light switch or a plug, the size of 45.5 x 48 x 24 mm requires a sufficiently deep flush-mounted box. The module is available for 34,99€ at Amazon. For starters, you can save with code RELAYT2EU in Europe and USCARELAY in the US and Canada.

Controller and HomeDevices Join Forces

Controllers for HomeKit and HomeDevices have joined forces to offer users a comprehensive total package. While Controller for HomeKit enables control and management of HomeKit and Matter devices and offers a variety of other features, HomeDevices shines with a unique device overview and now provides free expert courses.

Controller for HomeKit takes over HomeDevices

In addition, HomeDevices will henceforth be available to all users free of charge. To celebrate the merger, Controller for HomeKit is available at half price.

New Security Products from Philips Hue Now Available

Philips Hue is expanding its product portfolio with contact sensors and cameras, which can now be pre-ordered in the online store. These new products, part of the Philips Hue Secure series, allow not only indoor and outdoor monitoring, but also the activation of alarms in conjunction with lighting control.

Philips Hue Secure cameras can be pre-ordered

The cameras offer 1080p resolution, night vision and two-way communication, are weatherproof and can be operated with either battery or wired. However, some advanced features require paid subscriptions. Unfortunately, HomeKit Secure Video integration is missing. The delivery of the products will begin on October 17.

Nanoleaf and Umbra Present Unconventional Table Lamps with Matter Integration

Nanoleaf and Umbra have collaborated to create table lamps that seamlessly integrate with Apple Home. The Umbra Cono, a portable table lamp, and the Umbra Cup, a desk lamp with pen holder and USB port, combine cutting-edge technology with exceptional design.

Umbra Smart Lamps: Two New Table Lamps powered by Nanoleaf

Both lamps are equipped with Thread and support the new Smarthome standard Matter. The Umbra Cono will be available in gray and sierra from October 26 for €109.99, while the release date and price of the Umbra Cup are still pending.

Twinkly Candies: New Light Strings Without HomeKit

Twinkly introduced new light strings called Twinkly Candies this week, featuring various shapes. However, these light strings with hearts, stars, pearls, and candles surprisingly lack Apple HomeKit integration.

Twinkly Candies: New Light Strings Without HomeKit

This is somewhat surprising as the manufacturer had previously equipped all devices, sometimes through firmware updates, with HomeKit support. We are curious whether the integration is simply delayed or if Twinkly is indeed planning a change in its HomeKit strategy.

Yale Releases Smart Lock with HomeKey Support

While we in Europe are still waiting for a smart door lock with Apple HomeKey support, another model has been launched in the USA. Yale now offers the Assure Lock 2 Plus as a compatible lock.

However, in Europe, we might finally see progress next year, as Aqara is currently working on integrating HomeKey for the announced SmartLock U200.