Controller for HomeKit and HomeDevices have joined forces, now offering a comprehensive package that ranges from extensive information on Apple Home and Matter to device control and management. The initial results of this partnership are already visible. HomeDevices will now be completely free, and to celebrate the fusion, Controller for HomeKit is available at half price.

Since the launch of SmartApfel, we’ve aimed to provide you with the most comprehensive device overview possible. for you. That’s why we developed HomeDevices about two years ago. We started by listing devices, then added more information, and eventually linked everything with automations. But that wasn’t enough for us. Our desire was to display all the information for you. That’s why we developed HomeDevices about two years ago.

The app shows you devices as they appear in Apple Home even before you make a purchase. You can see embedded sensors, controllable elements, triggers, and conditions for automations, and much more. This is truly unique worldwide.

However, we still want to offer you an even better experience, so we’ve partnered with the developers of Controller for HomeKit.

HomeDevices is now free

Until now, HomeDevices was a side project that took up a lot of time. With the acquisition, the developers of Controller for HomeKit will actively contribute to the further development of HomeDevices.

You can already experience the first effects of this new partnership in the recently released HomeDevices update. Among other things, all features in HomeDevices are now available for free.

Free Courses with Packed Expertise

Another exciting addition is the free courses you’ll find in HomeDevices starting now. We’re launching with a First Aid Course that will help you quickly and systematically solve the most common issues in Apple Home. If a device isn’t responding, you can’t control devices remotely, or you’ve reached the scenes limit, this course is the perfect resource.

With the second course, “Controller,” you can take your Apple Home to the next level. We’ll show you step-by-step how to create complex automations, send your own notifications, and easily replace devices through a backup.

Controller at Half Price

To celebrate the merger, we’re offering you a limited-time half-price Lifetime License for Controller for HomeKit, while HomeDevices is now completely free.