We look back on an exciting week that saw Eve Systems and Meross launch new devices. But Bosch has also further integrated its own system into Apple Home. At the same time, Apple has introduced important improvements and features with iOS 16.5 and the Thread 1.3 update for Apple HomeKit.

Eve Flare: The HomeKit ball light with Thread is back

Eve Systems has launched a new edition of the Eve Flare HomeKit globe light just in time for the gardening season. The water-resistant lamp with integrated rechargeable battery offers up to six hours of cordless glow and can then simply be placed on the charging station.

Mood light: Eve Flare with Thread coming in Q1 2023

With a diameter of 25 cm and a brightness of 90 lumens, it provides atmospheric light. The control is done via Bluetooth or Thread. The Eve Flare is available now on Amazon.

Eve Shutter Switch: The new HomeKit shutter control is now available

After the announced Eve Flare globe light, Eve Systems has immediately released the next device. The HomeKit shutter control Eve Shutter Switch replaces existing flush-mounted shutter switches and can be integrated into Apple Home via Bluetooth or Thread.

Eve Shutter Switch: HomeKit shutter control launches

It is particularly interesting that the control based on the position of the sun takes into account the location, timing and window orientation. The control can also be done via HomeKit or the physical double switch. Originally unveiled at IFA 2022, the Eve Shutter Switch is available now.

Bosch Smart Home expands compatibility with Apple HomeKit

Bosch Smart Home has further expanded its compatibility and functions. The latest updates include the integration of the smart relay, as well as the integration of the Bosch Smart Home Controller II, released late last year, into Apple HomeKit.

Bosch Smart Home: New update enables use of devices in Apple HomeKit

This means that the motion detector, smoke detector II, door/window contact II and II Plus, Twinguard and the compact Smart Plug can now be integrated into Apple Home via the Bosch Smart Home Controller II.

Apple releases iOS 16.5 with Apple Home updates and Thread 1.3

Apple this week began distributing new software versions 16.5, including iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, as well as updates for HomePod and Apple Watch with watchOS 9.5. The release notes announce that “Apple HomeKit” will be renamed to “Apple Home”.

The update also allows Matter to be connected by a common administrator and fixes several issues related to Matter. In addition, the Thread in iOS 16.5 gets an update to version 1.3, which enables seamless communication between Matter and brings improvements in terms of Thread and firmware updates.

Meross socket thermostat MTS960HK: presale started

The Meross socket thermostat MTS960HK is now available for pre-sale. The device is simply plugged between the Plug and the heating or cooling device and can control the latter via the integrated temperature sensor.

Meross Socket Thermostat with HomeKit launches

In the presale, the Meross socket thermostat MTS960HK is currently available with a 20% discount. You can save an additional 10% with the community discount codeSmartApfel”. Delivery is scheduled for May 31.

Matter 1.1 update released: optimizations and improved support

Since the launch of the Matter smart home standard, a number of devices have been certified and have received updates, but broad support still has room to grow. The now released Matter 1.1 update mainly focuses on optimizations and bug fixes and lacks new device types and notable features.

Matter could also cause confusion

Certification for developers was facilitated and new test stations were put into operation. Improvements and optimizations have also been made to address the offline problem with battery-powered devices. The next major Matter is expected in the fall, with possible new device types and features.

Improvements for Aqara presence sensor FP2 and video doorbell G4

Aqara has been busy distributing firmware updates this week. Among them for the presence sensor FP2, which brings bug fixes and performance improvements. Among other things, the detection of people entering or leaving the building and the sensitivity of zones have been improved. In addition, the calculation time has been optimized.

Furthermore, the Aqara Video Doorbell G4 has also received an update that optimizes event recording, increases video recording lead time and fixes various bugs. These include issues with sound, playing videos from the microSD card, and the accuracy of temperature alarms and the battery indicator.