Bosch lists a new hub on its own website. The Bosch Smart Home Controller II is designed to support the new smarthome standard Matter.

Bosch relies on Zigbee for its own smarthome devices, which requires a central station. Until now, this task has been performed by the Bosch Smart Home Controller, which is now to receive a successor.

The new heart is currently undergoing the certification process at Apple and should soon also support HomeKit via a software update. In addition, the device is prepared for the new smarthome standard Matter.

If you already use Bosch devices, the compatibility is interesting. While the second generation of devices, as well as the outdoor siren, motion detector, Twinguard, Twist, water detector and adapter plug are supported, the first generation of most devices can no longer be connected to the new hub.

At least for the moment. Bosch writes on its website that a solution will soon be made available that should enable the use of all existing devices. We will probably soon find out what that means exactly.

Works even in case of internet failure

Bosch advertises that its own smarthome system should continue to function even in the event of an Internet failure. Data is not stored in the cloud, but locally on the device. Scenes and automations should also function independently of the Internet in this way.

The Bosch Smart Home Controller II should be available soon for €99.95.